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Tower Defense in the wild west


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Guns'n'Glory is a 'tower defense' game set in the Wild West. In it you must ambush the carts that are carrying treasure and steal all the loot, you can then use it to improve your military units among other things.

To do all this, you must position your troops around the terrain in order to stop the wagons in their tracks. Among the troop units that you get are different kinds of bandits and Indians, who you can arm with guns, bows, dynamite, etc..

The game features dozens of different levels in which completing the objective becomes increasingly more complicated as, as per usual, your fort also needs protecting, and you will often find it really challenging to get where you need to go.

Guns'n'Glory is a really entertaining strategy and action game that will take a good few hours to finish all the levels and unlock all the hidden objects and secrets that are included in the game.
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